Jemitra is a senior yoga teacher teaching Yin Yang yoga class at the Bristol Yoga Centre

Jemitra Hariston

Yoga Teacher

phone: 07398612804

Jemitra Hairston is a yoga teacher, storyteller (and shoemaker) hailing from the southern parts of the United States.  Jemitra has been teaching since 2004 and has been practicing yoga in its myriad forms for almost 20 years.  She completed her foundational teacher training at Tranquil Space Yoga in Washington, DC.  Since then, Jemitra has gone on to complete additional teacher trainings and workshops with yoga luminaries around the world, including Karen’s Yoga Anatomy course at Meadowlark Yoga in Edinburgh.

Jemitra also co-developed a comprehensive yoga teacher training program.   Jemitra’s classes are grounded in anatomy with plenty of hands on adjustments.  Her love of storytelling expresses itself throughout her classes which are like moving stories with a beginning, climax, and ending.  Sprinkled throughout her classes are anecdotes, ancient wisdom, poems, and stories that remind you that all of life is an adventure and you are the hero. 


‘We consider her one of our most senior teachers. She is one of those yoga teachers where teaching just seems to come naturally and effortless. With all her previous experience she was able to take a class to a whole new level. Engaging with her story telling techniques, knowledgeable because of her natural and continuous quest of deepening her knowledge and practice, personal because of her magic adjustments and well..she is also funny. What I truly like about Jemitra that she never felt that she was ‘better/more spiritual/more whatever than any of her students. She was there to be of service, being ‘big’ and ‘small’ at the same time. Our students will miss her dearly. And so will we!’. - Zsoka Bernard, Balanzs Yoga Studios



Jemitra’s Yoga Class

Wednesday 7:30 - 8:45pm

Please note that this class is being taken over by Vicky from 24th April 2019