Sookhi teaching at Bristol Yoga Centre

Shuna Griffin

Yoga Teacher

phone: 07463 964 119
web: Coming Soon

Shuna completed her Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training with the internationally renowned Dylan Ayaloo. His trainings are known for their rigour in intelligent sequencing, anatomy, meditation and philosophy, which Shuna carries through into her own teaching. 

She came to yoga initially to treat stress, insomnia and recover a sense of self following a separation. It is through practicing yoga that Shuna allowed herself to fully connect with her body and creativity which helped her to dissolve obstacles of fear and move forward. This newly discovered sense of self is what drove her to become a yoga teacher. 

Passionate about creativity in all its forms, Shuna not only teaches yoga, but combines her background of film and photography with the moving body: for artists, film directors and photographers. 

Her style of teaching is clear, accessible and focused with a strong emphasis on creating a safe space to practice that is relaxed enough immerse mind and body. She offers hands on assistance and modifications, so new students are not left out on a limb and more advanced students can grow. 


Vinyasa Flow 

This class is based on faster flowing energetic movements in time with the breath (pranayama). Each class builds strength, flexibility and awareness throughout the entire body. The flowing nature of the class allows your mind to completely focus and relax through finding your rhythm in the practice. We end each class with time to rest, allowing you to absorb and feel the benefit of your practice. Beginners are welcome and modifications to postures are given to ensure the class is approachable for everyone.

Thursday 4:45 - 5:45pm

Hatha Flow

Shuna’s Hatha Flow classes are dynamic and fun, while allowing time for detailed instructions to ensure good alignment. Flow classes are a strong, physical practice and all levels are welcome, and modifications will be offered to provide a safe and enjoyable practice for all students.

Saturday 10:00 - 11:15 am